Comparability of qualification levels NQF was made for the levels BA, MA, Doctorate and award-bearing continuing education courses. The decision was taken to use QF-EHEA, i.e. the Dublin Descriptors, for levels 1 to 3.
Use of learning outcomes in HE & CE yes, One generic qualifications framework for the whole higher education area is to be developed - nqf.ch-HS
National legislation on EQF levels 5-8 Bologna BMD (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate) Framework adopted legally in 2003. The future Law on HE Institutions (LAHE, at the earliest in 2012) will make the accreditation of institutions mandatory.
Level of implementation of NQF Overarching 3-cycle European Qualifications Framework was used as a basis to set up a NQF. The nqf.ch-HS has been adopted in autumn 2009. As the decision was made to use the Dublin Descriptors, no direct use of EQF-LLL has yet been introduced.
Recognition of prior learning At federal level, there is a law since 2002 for professional diplomas.
At local level, University of Geneva and Universities of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland have set up a pilot experience since 2008.
6 Universities out of 10 have introduced the admission for non holders of the prerequisite diploma, also for continuing education diplomas.
e-Learning implementation 6 EDEN members, 3 EADL members
Openness to virtual mobility WHO usage yes, few barriers reported