Comparability of qualification levels An eight-level framework has been proposed to cover all main types of Spanish qualifications. The descriptors for levels 5-8 are compatible with the Dublin descriptors, so these MECU levels can be compared to the MECES levels.
Use of learning outcomes in HE & CE Spanish qualifications framework MECU is based on learning outcomes, the higher four levels of MECU will be linked to the qualifications framework for higher education. All study programs have to be accredited according to the guidelines established at national level.
National legislation on EQF levels 5-8 Royal Decree on the introduction of MECU will be adopted by the Spanish Government at the beginning of 2011. The draft referencing report is expected to be prepared by 2011.
Level of implementation of NQF Based on several laws: Act on Education (2/2006), Universities Act (6/2001, amended 4/2007), Royal Decree will be adopted by the Government at the beginning of 2011
Recognition of prior learning Royal Decree for the recognition of professional competences acquired through professional experience
e-Learning implementation 12 EDEN members, 4 EADL members
Openness to virtual mobility WHO minimal usage, no data found