Comparability of qualification levels An 8 level structure is envisaged to be compatible with EQF also in terms of principles, categories and level descriptors. The final number of levels has not been defined yet.
Use of learning outcomes in HE & CE The learning outcomes approach was recognized as a part of the reform agenda and is being integrated in all new developments - Modernisation programme ‘Slovakia 21’.
National legislation on EQF levels 5-8 Government Decision on EQF implementation adopted in February 2009. the Vocational Education and Training Act No 184/2009, the School Act No 245/2008 and the Higher Education Act, No 131/2002. A number of legislative reforms and concrete initiatives on the way. Act on higher education.
Level of implementation of NQF The strategy was adopted in 2007. The referencing process started in Jan 2010 and the referencing report is expedited by April 2011. The EQF implementation will be carried out in a 5-year ESF national project beginning in 2010. The NQF will be designed in parallel.
Recognition of prior learning not mentioned
e-Learning implementation 1 EDEN member
Openness to virtual mobility WHO usage, some barriers reported