Comparability of qualification levels Direct table levels bologna - levels EQF - Each descriptor sets out the outcomes for typical qualifications at each of the four levels of the FHEQ-Portugal
Use of learning outcomes in HE & CE Portugal is making progress towards a more comprehensive implementation of learning outcomes but progress is slow to date. 
National legislation on EQF levels 5-8 Ministry published in March 2009 the document “FHEQ in Portugal - Framework for Higher Education Qualifications” where the Portuguese levels of Qualification in HE have a corresponding qualification on the EQF levels (levels 5 to 8), several laws and decrees for assessment and accreditation.
Level of implementation of NQF FHEQ-Portugal in Decree- Law no. 396/2007 for NQF, specific sub-system of NQF for Qualifications in Higher Education - binary nature of higher education in Portugal: university and polytechnic education
Recognition of prior learning yes, Decree-Law no. 40/2007, of 20th February
e-Learning implementation individual decisions from each university,  4 EDEN members 
Openness to virtual mobility WHO minimal usage, no data and barriers reported