Comparability of qualification levels The national committee (Tavolo nazionale) is the key player for the development of NQF but structures and level descriptors have not yet been defined
Use of learning outcomes in HE & CE learning outcomes approach at national and regional levels and at the same time each subsystem having its own characteristics
National legislation on EQF levels 5-8 The National Decree reforms the academic system (universities) but neither NQF nor EQF referencing has been completed yet. Italy is working on an integrated implementation of lifelong learning as a key elements of a new right to active citizenship and employability.
Level of implementation of NQF The NQF development work is broadly based on various laws or/and agreements between ministries and regions: Law No 53/2003, various Government/Regions agreements, Decree, January 2008. Until now structures and level descriptors have not yet been defined
Recognition of prior learning not specifically mentioned but address in "university courses will also recognize competencies acquired on the job"
e-Learning implementation 12 EDEN members, no EADL members
Openness to virtual mobility several online learning institutions found