Comparability of qualification levels Nationally agreed 10 level standards of knowledge, know–how and skills and competence. NQF comprises the 10 levels, award-types and named-awards.
Use of learning outcomes in HE & CE learning outcomes approach was central to the establishment of the NQF
National legislation on EQF levels 5-8 NQF and referencing to EQF done by National Qualification Authority, legislation not mentionned
Level of implementation of NQF NQF implemented through Qualifications (Educations and Training) Act 1999. The final referencing report was adopted by the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland on the 28 May 2009 and is available on
Recognition of prior learning Yes, any individual has the right to apply for recognition of prior learning
e-Learning implementation 4 EDEN members, 2 EADL members, several online learning institutions found
Openness to virtual mobility The country is well on its way - publicly documented completed process of NQF and EQF referening