Comparability of qualification levels German Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning DQR - 8 reference levels of professional and personal competences used in general & higher education and vocational training - knowledge, skills and personal, social and methodological competences for occupational and personal development
Use of learning outcomes in HE & CE subject independent descriptors - Learning outcomes serve to describe verifiable existing qualifications which indicate competences
National legislation on EQF levels 5-8 After testing the DQR it will be referenced to the EQF, legal aspects will also be investigated during the referencing process.
Level of implementation of NQF By the end of 2010 all qualifications will be referenced to the DQR, final report will be submitted by 2011, Until 2013 the implementation of the DQR will take place.
Recognition of prior learning not mentioned
e-Learning implementation Large online learning institutions are existing, 8 EDEN members, 9 EADL members
Openness to virtual mobility WHO usage yes, a few barriers reported