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Where is the time?

I recently discussed with a wonderful person how time is always a pressure around us, technology speeding up things, so we say as if a

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Please write this down

When you hear these words, it means that the following statement is important. Really important. It also means that you are most likely listening to

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The universal language

The key of sharing and collaborating on ideas is of course communication. And for communication not to lead to misunderstandings the same set of rules

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Body language and its effect

Communication happens on so many levels. Words, Eyes, Body, Mail, behavior online by simply clicking “like” on Facebook. It happens every day from waking up

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NED Juli Paket

… and here comes a monthly package after the month has passed. Not a good approach for continuous learning every day. Unfortunately circumstances and energy

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NED – June Package

… and here comes a monthly package, please do come back and check, this post will get updated. Nihongo English Deutsch Lernen in Wortfamilien ちいさい

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