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FUN.Basel Vol XII

Looking back to the evening of 24. May 2018 – here is what we learned from our speakers: Antonio Bene Antonio shared a very personal

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Understanding Creativity

is a first step. Understanding your own aptitude for creative thinking is the best first step you can take. Knowing and enjoying your own creativity

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Where to start?

What should I focus on? I just answer this question from a friend without even thinking. While doing so I realized that I am asking

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Recoding Habits

Speaker Update and Event Tip for people in Basel A quite daunting task – recoding habits you want to get rid of. I read lots

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FUN.Basel Vol IV

The last #FuckUpNight‬ in #‎Basel‬ of this year was the second one in Fluxdock, the first one with 2 female speakers and the first one

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Simple solutions

When you find yourself in a difficult situation or facing a complex problem, others always find it simple and easy to solve. You get suggestions

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