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INNES Summer School 2016

… started on 11.7.2016 in Vienna. I started the journey into Intercultural Competence and Effective Professional Communication in Globalized Societies with a group of students

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Hard choices

It is interesting … some topics I stumble across again and again at different points in time – this probably means that I have not

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I am not a leader

CONVERSATIONS Email Conversation from the Creativity Engineering Course at the Vienna University of Technology during the idea and team finding phase Emma Dear Jutta, I

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Prolegomena 2

oder Man kann Wichtiges auch lustig erklaeren … In Erinnerung an meine Zeit in Japan denke ich immer wieder an Prolegomena – den von Kai

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Arming the Donkey

Dan Ariely’s weekly podcast about Science Talk to a researcher about one project, what they have found and what it means to the world.

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