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Why Learn The Twelve Senses?

Why do you need to utilize your senses to develop an idea?

Like a tree with roots running deep into the ground to absorb nutrients to fertilize its growth, to root itself firmly so that it can grow tall and strong, we need to tap into our inner resources to nourish our idea, so that it will grow into a product and take root by establishing a strong presence in the market. The deeper we can tune into ourselves, the more resources we can access, the further we can develop our idea.

In every step of the development process we need to fuel our idea with our attention, energy, confidence, enthusiasm, joy, passion, etc. When we collaborate with others to translate our idea from the invisible to the visible in the form of a product, we need to access our core, as that is the point where we establish an authentic bond with our teammates by connecting to with their values, beliefs, principles, etc. When we push our product out into the market, we need to connect to our target audience from our core, as that’s how we attract our customers.

In every one of these steps, in every instance of our contact with our idea or partners or process, we may be projecting a combination of positive and negative energies. This course aims to raise your awareness as to what unconscious thoughts and feelings you may be drilling into your idea or partners or process, as that affects the outcome of your efforts.

For example, when you are preparing to your product out into the market, what’s the temperature of your connection with the market? Is it hot or cold or warm? Within that temperature, what other emotions, images, feelings, thoughts, etc., are you pushing into the market? These will determine what kind of customers you will attract, when you will attract them, or even how you will attract them. All of these energies can be perceive with your sense of temperature, and if you happen to pump any imbalanced energies into your product or the market, you can also use your sense of balance or sense of sound to balance them.

Development of your idea is a journey that we would like to take you on. Using Jutta’s program and my exercises on the twelve senses, we hope that you will walk away with greater ability to tap into yourself, and this is a life skill that is not only applicable to developing a product, but to every aspect of your life–finance, career, relationship, health, home, etc.–such that you can improve the quality of your life and grow it in the direction you want, the shape you want, by establishing a moment-to-moment connection to all the nourishments you need to flourish.

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