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Exit a Situation, Relationship, Theme

Sometimes people will advise me to stay away from a situation or a person that is upsetting me, or is in any way affecting me too much, and move myself into a more supportive environment. But if I can handle it, I will stay in it, and go through that unpleasant experience. Why?

In psychology there is a term called reenactment. It talks about situations which one repeatedly fall into, or type of people that one repeatedly encounter. Psychologists have a slightly different explanation than what I have to explain below:

Our imbalanced energies–excessive emotional energies imprinted in us from an early age–circulate and multiple within our bodies as atoms and molecules. When they multiply and reach a certain level of intensity within our bodies, they influence our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, beliefs, attitudes, mood, etc., so they are infusing the whole of us. If it is a very deep wound, its imbalanced energies will infuse our whole lives, therefore becoming the main theme of our lives, meaning that they are the things that we struggle with the most and all the time, in different situations. The way they bring about the necessary conditions–situation, place, people, event, etc.–to give us the repeating experience, is by having those atoms and molecules permeating our energy fields and our surroundings. Atoms and molecules travel through time and space by way of the moisture in the air, at the speed of light, approximately. So those people, situation, event, ambience, etc., with the same energetic vibrations as our atoms and molecules will be sucked in, like two magnets clicking, the molecular structures will snap the molecules into place snugly, thereby people call it the law of attraction.

So the only way to permanently rid oneself of the repetitive situations and people that we don’t want to experience is to balance the imbalanced energies within us, so that whatever is emanating from us will not pull in the undesirable experiences. Many of my previous posts on this blog is an attempt to demonstrate how to shift out of those situations by changing the underlying imbalanced energies.

If you choose to avoid the situation, move to a new environment, end a relationship, etc., that is a good and perhaps necessary but temporary relief. Avoidance and cutting off will intensify the original imbalanced energies; their effect is similar to a pendulum swing. You start out with a set of imbalanced energies, so your pendulum is swing to one side, and you avoid it or reject it, so you try hard to swing to the opposite side, but the harder you try to swing to the opposite side, the harder reality will swing you back to the side you don’t want. That’s when you fall into the undesirable situation again. Then you try to get out of it, which is injecting more energy into the avoidance, so you swing to the opposite side, until one day reality brings you back to the side you have been avoiding.

Some people’s swing are so hard, so fast, so big that the two sides look like they are happening at the same time. You are both in a situation you want and don’t want. It’s like you are jammed into an inescapable situation. Stuck.

The direction I have been going in the past few years, the courses that I have been taking, and the articles that I have been writing, are all to reverse out this process. It is not just to unstick myself, but to reclaim my potentials so that I can grow my life in the direction of my vision, instead of constantly fall into the familiar struggle pattern.

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