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Collapse It All!

I have a surprise today! The flooring replacement that has been going on for months has officially ended today.

At the beginning of last October, my neighbor living across from my suite had an overflowing toilet that flooded his suite, our hallway, and the water had seeped into my suite and another. Since then, there were a lot of people from several different companies coming and going to do the repair work. The activities and the damage didn’t affect me much, but my neighbor with the flooded toilet was greatly affected for at least a couple months, to the extent that he had to buy temporary flooring and made other temporary adjustments while his family had no kitchen to use and had to walk on unfinished concrete.

Then when it was time for the flooring replacement crew to come in, the work took another few months, with trouble coordinating or communicating among themselves, not doing the work right and hence having to redo, etc. That was when the work started to inconvenience me, and that was when I started to consciously identify and release the underlying imbalanced energies.

That release work took many rounds. Unexpectedly, the dishwasher was the most infuriating and difficult part with a lot of explosive energies dug out. What was supposed to happen was: uninstall my dishwasher to replace the flooring then reinstall it. However, the dishwasher expert was not able to push the machine back into its original position, hence the machine was a little bit protruded. I said no, that’s not right. He said, “I don’t know why I can’t get it in any further.” I kept saying, “Well, my dishwasher didn’t grow in size while it was out of commission.” My message was that, “My dishwasher didn’t change, my counter didn’t change, why are you forcing me to accept the fact that you cannot fit it back to its original position?” I repeatedly said no to his workmanship, and he ended up telling me that my machine was old and should be replaced. Indignation!

Anyway, aside from that there were other smaller problems here and there, and so I had to scan the underlying energies multiple times, each time as one group of energies had been identified and cleared, another layer of energies came to the fore.

The general contractor pushed the completion form to me, and told me to sign it. I said it’s not complete. He asked me what was not done. I told him three items, one of which was the mismatched seams of my flooring, and asked the general contractor what options did I have. He replied, “I’m afraid nothing can be done about the flooring.” I didn’t like that answer, so again I scanned and cleared the underlying energies, then asked the flooring company to fix the problem. They made many errors along the way, which cooked up a bit of drama, and I had to scan and release some of them.

Then the general contractor pushed the completion form to me again, and I messaged him about the outstanding issues. Silence.

After the floor installer fixed the problem that the general contractor refused to fix, I thought everything was done for my suite, but no, the floor installer fixed one thing but broke another. So again, I scanned and released.

Then the general contractor pushed the completion form to me again, for the third time, without addressing the issues I mentioned to him the second time he pushed the form to me. So my response to him was: silence.




In truth, I was infuriated by being asked to sign the completion form for a work that had not been completed, three times. You think that once isn’t insulting enough? To top it off, the completion form says that their work carries a warranty.

Wow! You cannot even finish your job, how are you going to honor the work you do?

I cannot tell you how angry I was with that, but at the same time, I know my anger was inhibiting things from progressing smoothly. So more scanning and releasing.

Today, the general contractor phoned for a time to come fix the outstanding issues, and got me to sign the form at the end. I signed it, feeling more or less satisfied.

. . .

Switching gear to another situation where my friend experienced with her auto collision repair, the repair shop took two and a half months to do the repair, and during that time, she brought her car back three times, complaining this and that until finally, she commanded the repair shop, “You know what, before you give the car back to me, send it to Lexus and get a report from them.” Then the repair was done.

My style of dealing with the people is completely opposite of hers. I didn’t complain. I just pointed out the problems. If the specialists didn’t give me the result I wanted, I scanned and released, instead of complained. Yes, I know I took a long time, but I also took advantage of the entire situation to pull out a lot of imbalanced energies within me, such that I would not have to experience them ever again, not in this lifetime, not in any lifetimes, because conscious release is to release energies from a place beyond time. In other words, my experience had a lot of value for me.

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