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Trapped In The Same Repeated Circumstances

My teacher described sense of movement as an energy propelling us to move toward a certain direction/goal, and is linked to our life themes. We are learning the twelve senses not at the physical level, but at the non-physical level.

When talking about sense of movement, we must inevitably touch upon the concept of lack, because this is the ultimate driver of our movements.

For example, a lack of love will gravitate us toward the direction of love.  Included in our sense of movement are 1) how we move, 2) the condition we are in when we move, 3) the direction we move toward, and 4) the result of our movements.

My teacher used both of sight and kinesthesia to heal chronic and repeated situations, like constantly having financial difficulties, job insecurities, marital problems, health concerns, etc.

The healing would require putting the context and content of your chronic problem into a healing net, which lists out layers upon layers of imbalanced energies that combined become your trapped situation.  

I never learned to heal with a net, but my way of going about it is to put my problem, and its atmospheric energies, into my healing, all as one topic.  The energies are multi-layered.  Some of it is related to my struggle, frustration, rejection, avoidance of institutions.  Some of it is related to me trying to do research to find out what tools, strategies, options, etc., that I can try, to get the result I have been chasing for.

In terms of our sense of movement, we each has a pattern of moving a certain way, a certain direction, in a certain psychological state, and repeatedly getting the same result.  That’s why this is a healing of life themes–things that we keep on chasing our entire lives but never getting them.

Don’t you want to heal your sense of movement, if it is repeatedly giving you the result you don’t want?

. . .

I tried the healing net for the first time this morning,  and released some foundational patterns in my sense of movement, and arrived at the understanding that what I released was like a skeletal frame.  Flesh is connected to the frame, but if the frame is gone, then the entire structure will not hold up, which means at least part of my repeatedly stuck circumstance is removed, and what’s left is the content.  Those content imbalanced energies were previously sticking to the skeletal frame, upholding the whole situation, and now they are dangling like residue, still inside me, but at least they won’t reinforce the repetition anymore.

The content imbalanced energies are what I have been demonstrating in many of my previous posts.

The context imbalanced energies are usually related to hierarchy, institution, system, jurisdiction, etc., situations that you helplessly fall into, almost like a trap, that once you have fallen into, you can spend your entire life struggling to get out, but never do, because your result is also part of the repetition.

But context energies are not limited to structural frameworks that we find ourselves trapped in, they can be certain complicated or unique situations that we create in our minds.  For example, I keep projecting that I am an outlier in my own physical environment, that there is no one here who can understand, accept, appreciate, nourish me.  And this energy is landing in every aspect of my life, such as my job situation, my romance department, etc.  This energy is related to my sense of touch, as it cuts off my energetic connection to everyone and everything around me.

You can start by taking a snapshot of your repeatedly trapped situations, by inspecting your chronic thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, opinions, feelings, bodily sensations, etc.  The more they become conscious, the more you can release them from your life.

Repeated circumstance is like a snowball rolling down the hill.  The longer it rolls, the more energies it accumulates, the more complicated the circumstance, the more you are trapped in it.  Conscious release is to one-by-one tease out those imbalanced energies.  It is a tedious process.  Depending on how long you have been trapped, how much energies you have drilled into it, a situation can have more than 100 big and small imbalanced energies, sometimes easily over 200, so the healing/reversal process can take a long time.

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