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Dragging Your Butt

Have you been in situations where you are reluctant to do something? Like taking out the garbage, cleaning out all the junk in your closet, doing a boring task that your boss assigned you, etc.?

I often have this problem of refusing to do something around the house, leaving it til tomorrow, then tomorrow turns into next week, then next week turns into next month.

I activate this behavioral pattern with a lot of things. Not wanting to do them unless absolutely necessary, or if there’s some deadline or incentive to motivate me.

Energetically, my circuitry is clogged up with troubles and burdens, energies that do not have a positive charge. So I avoid running this energy circuitry, and avoid doing the tasks that do not have a reward, or do not result in avoidance of a penalty.

Today, I had some time, and I wondered whether I should use the time to watch some tv series or to actually do something. Then I looked around the house and saw all the outstanding tasks that had been dangling for months. The moment I thought of taking action, I immediately felt daunted. Then I remembered the stuffs I learned recently from the Taiwanese teacher, so I applied it to my situation.

First, release and balance the feeling of being daunted. Consciously acknowledge and balance my negative attitude and emotion toward tasks of zero reward and zero penalty (zero positive and negative motivation).

Then flush out my energy circuitry of doing with healing light. The circuitry engages my sensory organs, sensory perception, emotions and attitudes, conditioned behavioral patterns, etc.

I became more willing to take on those tasks. I didn’t feel like going against a wall. There was no resistance, procrastination, reluctance, etc.

A lot of these tasks are things that I don’t like to do or have no interest in doing, but they take up a lot of energy, are dirty work, and most importantly, they are necessary. I think you will have some tasks or some people in your life that give you this feeling. The key is not to avoid that person or thing, but to come to terms with your own emotions and attitudes toward it, because that’s what makes you stuck.

After you have unstuck your negative emotions, beliefs, feelings, imprints, biases, etc., toward something, you clear the path. I have come to a more or less neutral position. I didn’t completely remove the energetic obstacles, but only made a small opening in the circuitry so that I can operate and get things done.

If you want to move through life with joy and zest, you can charge your circuitry, sensory organs, and sensory perception with joy and zest!

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