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Excessive Worry, Control, Monitoring

Yesterday my neighbor, the dog owner, asked me to go over to his place so that he could show me how he walked his dog. I thought he had some special instructions to give me this time–I kept sensing the energy that things are more complicated than they needed to be, yet he expected me to manage them as if there was no problem–so I went.

He walked the dog for a few minutes, during which time the dog peed but didn’t pooped. Then he said, “That’s it, very simple.”

During the demonstration I felt other imbalanced energies swirling around, eg., Why can’t you handle such a simple task? Everything works fine when they do it, but everything goes wrong when I do it.

So when he mentioned that he didn’t understand why I took so long, I didn’t answer his question. I was feeling the underlying energies. There’s a lot of should and should not, blame and guilt, etc., and honestly, my biggest reaction was surprise at all these energies forming our interactions.

This morning, I went to walk his dog twice, without the energies of a simple thing can easily become complicated resulting in prolonged processing or having to spend as much time as it is necessary to get it done, etc. So he didn’t text me prior to going to ask me to do extra things, or to give me any information as to what to expect, etc.

Then when I finished the walking within the prescribed timeframe, I left his home and texted him that the dog peed and pooped. He never explicitly asked me to report to him after every single visit, but I had always sensed that he needed to know, not sure what exactly it is that he needed, I mean, if he made it sound as if it was such a simple task, then what was he expecting except that it went fine, so what was there to report except his expected result?

So in the afternoon, when I went the second time, as prescribed, and there was no prior communication from him, then I just went about doing what was required and then left, without messaging him.

Later, he texted and phoned me, asking me if everything was alright, if I had gone over, if he needed to rush home to take care of his dog, why I didn’t report to him, etc.

I got to the point where I couldn’t stand the intense imbalanced energies coming from him and thought, ‘What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Then I scanned the energies, wondering, is this control? Micromanagement? Excessive demand or command?

To gain a clearer big picture, I scanned the underlying imbalanced energies manufacturing last week and today’s events. Below are some of them:

I attract people who have an excessive need to control, demand, and command, and then to micromanage my every step very closely to make sure that I won’t go wrong, but while they’re doing this, they’re actually energetically drilling into me their worries, distress, distrust, so effectively they are projecting all their negativities into me while at the same time expecting me to overcome these negativities to complete the simple task for them.

I attract people and situations where my utmost effort and ability is required, therefore constantly exhausting myself–requiring me to give as much as I can give–without receiving any bonus yet immediately receiving discipline or control if I misstep.

I am trapped in this kind of situation, which makes me feel perpetually incompetent and inferior, by repeatedly reinforcing these feelings in me every time I try to do the job, try to figure out how to overcome all the problems and worries that they throw at me, try to meet their destructively unrealistic expectations that it’s just a simple task.

. . .

I had consciously released some imbalanced energies related to control and micromanagement, but today’s release is of a different molecular design and structure, hence a different vibration and energy that manufacture a different kind of people, situation, and experience.

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