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Am I Supposed To Read Your Mind?

After I had consciously release the imbalanced energies to being controlled and micromanaged, I did not have that problem anymore, even though I was in exactly the same situation of sitting next to my boss and she assigned a task for me. More specifically, while I was working on the task, my energy was 100% channeled to getting the work done such that even though she was physically beside me, almost breathing down my neck as I went through some of the steps, my energy was 100% centered and contained within myself, with no opening for her to intercept me half way or any other way although she tried.

The most surprising point was the fact that she actually tried to intercept, but the reason I said it wasn’t a problem for me at all this time was because I didn’t notice it until afterward, after I had moved through the steps and took a breather, then I kind of noticed, ‘Oh, she’s right next to me, trying to butt in, but couldn’t manage to squeeze one word in.’ As soon as I realized that, I was immensely fascinated by the change in energy. Because I was able to fully concentrate on the task that she wanted me to do that I just went ahead and did it, regardless of whether she was sitting right next to me or on the other side of the planet, her physical presence was irrelevant, and no matter how much she wanted to interject, energetically, there was no hole for her to penetrate through, I was 100% focused and grounded on my task.

That’s the power of energy!

After I released the imbalanced energies, the energy pathways inside and around me had re-routed to be more centered and grounded from my core, from a place of power, peace, trust, joy, etc. That energy does not resonate with control. Control essentially stems from fear and distrust.

. . .

But my interaction with her this time highlighted another problem for me to scan within.

When I tried to fix an issue, she said no, don’t bother. I didn’t understand why she cut me off like that. It is extremely difficult for me to take full ownership (and responsibility) of my job if she interferes any time and every time, each time with a different approach, as if there is no standard or a moving standard. There is no logic in her pattern, because there is no pattern. I know there’s a reason why she does what she does, but she doesn’t communicate beforehand, and so I find myself wondering if my job description includes reading her mind.

I scanned within me for the imbalanced energies that are manufacturing this experience:

I have the imprint of being a lady-in-waiting (past life memory), being someone’s hands and feet, taking care of someone’s problems without them telling me that they have a problem.

I am receptive to being ordered, and freely allow others to direct me.

. . .

I might need to scan this situation a few more times, clearing the contributing atoms and molecules inside me in phases, because the situation was constructed with a few different groups of energies that were layered and intertwined together.

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