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Burst Out Laughing

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when my boss complained to me how things were not right right with her car, right after she picked it up and drove it home. She was so mad that her nose bled. In Chinese there’s a slang expression–vomit blood–that describes an extremely frustrating and infuriating situation. In her case, I was amused that blood didn’t burst out from the mouth but instead from the nose. To add another layer of amusement to her situation, her car insurance company told her, before she went to pick it up, that her car would be like new, with lifetime warranty on whatever they had repaired. Such a contrast between the sweet words of the insurance company and the actual situation!

Another incident that made me burst out laughing was our fish market (condo complex) online group posted a new comment about our building AC not working during a time when Environment Canada has repeatedly issued heat warnings. This is a seasonal complaint in our group, but the part that made it hilarious was that there were attempts to rationalize the warm interior temperature by saying: due to extreme high temperatures it is not possible for the building to sit below 20C. That made me laugh out loud! Doesn’t that already mean the AC is not working? Who would design (and buy) an AC that does not cool the air when it’s hot out?

. . .

I’m sorry for laughing at other people’s misery.

I am not sure what the underlying imbalanced energies are to their miseries, but those energies must be quite chaotic and chaotically entwined to cause such ridiculous situations. If you wish to collapse a ridiculous situation that life has thrown at you, you can consider tuning within to scan for the imbalanced energies that are manufacturing it like how I have demonstrated in a few previous posts.

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