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Welcome to Our Fish Market!

We have a neighbor in our condo complex who has the ability to instantly transform our gathering into a fish market. Yesterday, the moment I saw his online posting complaining about our malfunctioning elevator, I had an allergic reaction. I don’t understand why some people are so good at complaining, to the extent that as soon as they open their mouth, I get irritated, not by the subject that they’re complaining about, but by their habit and need to complain.

So I scanned within myself for the common underlying imbalanced energies between us that caused my psychological reaction:

Regarding things that are unacceptable and annoying, I need to complain repeatedly, louder and louder, causing others to feel repelled by me.

I suppress this need to complain, unless absolutely necessary, because I know that others will be repelled by me and my complaint thus would not pay attention to me.

So it’s my suppression of my own need to complain that is attracting his complaint into my sensory perception, and my irritation is from coming into contact the energies that I am unknowingly suppressing.

. . .

Today, another less noisy neighbor posted a complaint online, his sentence starting with: “Rant for the day …” Okay, great start to a public communication. Naturally, that should be enough to bring up my intolerance regarding complaining tendency, but to my own astonishment, I was eager and curious about the content of the rant. And so I dived into it, with the expectation of being amused.

The conscious release that I did above had shifted me to a different set of imbalanced energies, also relating to complaints, because if I didn’t have any more of such energies, I would not have any reaction to the rant, as my sensory organ and sensory perception would not pull it into my physical experience to form my physical reality. I wouldn’t pull in any energies that are not already in me, meaning, I would not attract any experience that I do not resonate with.

So again, I looked within:

I treat complaints as a form of entertainment. So I would attract and manifest a lot of events for people to complain about, and in the process being entertained by their noise and commotion. Because within me is a belief that things cannot be good, perfect, peaceful, pleasant, harmonious, lovely, etc., so there must always be something wrong, problems sprouting up everywhere, for me to tolerate my belief.

After I read the above imbalanced energy within me, I fully understood why the first neighbor made me think of a fish market, because both me and him had the same need for rowdiness–haggling, screaming, people hollering over each other–the annoying and chaotic ambience is not outside of us, but originating from within ourselves which we project outward.

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