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Negative Help

Once, a friend told me that he had to redo the work that his assistant did because it was done wrong. I asked him if he had trained her. He said yes, first he trained her, because she didn’t know how to do anything, then he had to review the things that she did and he found a lot of errors so he sent them back for her to fix, then he had to review the work that she fixed and still found errors. Eventually he figured that it would have been easier if he was to do the work himself, so he got rid of her, and said that the help he got was negative help.

A different friend had a similar problem with his assistant, in that his workload didn’t go down, because of this and that, then eventually his assistant gave him a two-week notice of conditional resignation–resigning conditional upon the other company offering the assistant a job–and on top of that, the assistant took a one-week vacation while serving that two-week notice. My friend could not start the recruitment process unless his assistant actually got the job offer, so effectively, the two-week notice was no notice.

. . .

I was intrigued by the kind of situation that my friends manifested, and I was curious as to whether I had any of the imbalanced energies that they had. I scanned within myself for common denominators among us for imbalanced energies to be consciously released (this method is similar to group therapy where the imbalanced energies of the group members are pooled together for the therapist to scan and release):

Even as help came to me, I tended to invalidate and reject them, therefore I ended up being unsupported.

Invalidation is a theme that is very pervasive in my life, permeating all aspects of my life in various expressions. The repetitive communication style I have been clearing lately is one example.

I don’t actually share any other imbalanced energies with my friends regarding support, so I move sideways to scan for other energies within me on this topic:

Out of the whole organization, I was the only one left to deal with problems that nobody else could fix, although management was aware of the situation, they did not produce effective help so while they mindlessly glided through the situation, they did not address the core of the problems to fix the structural issue, so despite the useless commotion and drama I was still left to deal with the undesirable problems that nobody else wanted to take on.

Management didn’t have to truly care, because they knew that even if they did nothing, the organization would still operate fine, because there would always be someone like me to make sure that things would not fail when they fail.

Interestingly, my unconscious imbalanced energies tend to be structural, institutional, systemic, hierarchical, etc., as opposed to personal and individual, not just in this particular case, but also in many of the problems that I have scanned.

I briefly scanned for the root cause of my energies that generate institutional issues, and it’s mostly related to my birthplace, which is going to be a topic for another article!

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