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All Problems First Exist Within Us

“The key is to leave the body in a state of consciousness, without creating further karma (p.192).” This sentence from Karma, written by Sadhguru the Indian mystic, has reminded me how to deal with a couple of my recent situations of having trouble getting back two things: car and document.

This sentence is a variation of saying don’t do, don’t focus on doing, but rather, on being. Both Eckhart Tolle and my Taiwanese teacher Jian Xiang Ting have repeatedly said the same thing, but it takes a long time to shift out of this energetic pattern because it has been so deeply inculcated into our being such that the pattern operates in every aspect of our lives, in our every breaths, in our every thought (we try to figure out how to fix this, what is the best way to do that, etc.), that it has a pervasive yet unconscious existence in us.

When I was experiencing an energetic stalemate in both situations, I got worried and anxious, thinking, what should I do, should I chase them for it, etc. I discussed with friends, and all of them said, “It won’t hurt to call them.”

That’s usually what you do right, if you expect to get something but nothing came, you are left dangling in the air wondering what happened, how much longer do you have to wait, did something go sideways along the way, etc.?

So those were my mental and emotional activities while I was in a state of prolonged anticipation. While the general consensus is to be proactive, to chase for what is supposed to come to me on its own (although this logic itself is illogical, it’s like saying you have to chase for your chair, your bed, your dignity, your rights, etc., because the only way that you would pursue something is if you do not already own it, but if your starting psychological point is lack, then you are operating from and in the energy of lack, and therefore what you will get out of your activities is only lack), I did not do so, because of the first sentence in this article.

But neither did I do absolutely nothing. In my waiting period, I scanned within myself as to what imbalanced energies were being projected out to attract such an experience of disentitlement. There were a lot, and I pulled them out in phases, because as the current layer of energies were released consciously, later another group of energies from a deeper layer surfaced to uphold or prolong the outer situation, sometimes by shifting the circumstances bringing new people into the events but not actually solving the problems, only mutating the problems from one form to another, much like the mutation of coronavirus, hence in as period of many days I looked within, pulling out more and more, as each mutated situation was a composition of a different set of imbalanced energies.

As the unconscious becomes conscious, they no longer project outward to formulate our physical reality, hence effectively dissolve the external situations that I was experiencing.

So while I was still worrying on the one hand as I looked out at my physical reality, I tried to return to my inner reality to access inner peace, assurance, trust, stability, etc., and focused my attention on whatever else I was supposed to do, ie., exercise, therapy, write, bike, etc.

I am someone who cannot rest if I am worried, if something is hanging unresolved in the air. So this shift in attention to enjoy whatever else I was occupying myself with with joy, confidence, ease, etc., requires tremendous trust. Trust that what I am doing is right. Trust that this is the ultimate path.

Needless to say, those two things came to me on their own. I did not make any effort to chase for them. More specifically, I did not apply any force to the physical situation, I did not act on it, I did not add energy to it. This is what the first sentence of this article is saying.

However, I did not do a perfect job, because I was still thinking although I wasn’t acting. Mental activities require a lot of energy and therefore also exert a lot of energy. Wherever the destination your thoughts are intended for, that’s where your mental energies will land. So I was still drilling a lot of maybe, what, how, etc., into my situations, thereby prolonging them, and therefore I had to observe my imbalanced energies in phases, before I could eventually come to a state of utter stillness to psychologically be rooted in my inner power, peace, stability, etc.

This is a new psychological, neurological, and energetic pathway for me, in approach external situations. I have been trying to establish this pathway for a long time, but there were a lot of psychological obstacles and resistances causing me to compulsively repeat my old pattern of worrying and then trying to figure out what to do. If I didn’t try to figure out a solution, or multiple solutions then assess the feasibility of each, I would feel extremely anxious and worried, like how will things get better if you don’t do anything about it?

Just staring at the external situation would agitate me, because imagine every single moment that your sensory organs are perceiving the signs of problem, your perception and cognition keep pinging you “problem,” so that vibration keeps circulating in and around your thalamus, sensory perception, nerves, brain, etc., not for an hour, not for a day, but on and on with no sign of stopping but instead with every sign of escalating. So how are you going to stay still, mentally and emotionally?

Your mental and emotional wellbeing must come from somewhere internal, right? Your external world can ping you with all sorts of disasters, but your internal landscape, which is a product of your personal cultivation, can be peaceful, restful, beautiful, wonderful. And if your entire existence is rooting firmly in this inner landscape, you would not worry, and your external problems will dissolve on their own.

This is the path I am learning to take. It is an ultimate path, because once those unconscious energies exit me consciously, they exit my existence forever, in all lifetimes, because the only way unconscious energies can project outward to manufacture our physical world is if we put them in in the first place–by doing and thinking–the energies of both exist beneath our conscious awareness, yet affect us by forming our physical world.

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