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Paying it forward

Do you know the movie Pay it forward?

We warmly recommend it to you. Have tissues close by because you will need them.

Well, we are taking our learning from this move literally and regularly contribute to the pay-it-forward platform of the Life Coach University [LCU].

The purpose of all activities of the LCU is to give back by providing a safe space for learning and connecting people in every corner of the world.

Once a month they host a conference. Check out our takeaways from the June conference with the topic: 

Holistic Health – Mind, Body, and Spirit

Lani Kim: How can you do less to create more? By doing things through priority and lowering your cognitive load. Focus on one area of growth at a time and make impactful yet manageable lists. Set up your day by delegating what is more beneficial to complete and practice for your growth until it becomes a very low energy habit before embarking on a new one.

Jackson Tan: There is a difference between human beings and human doing. It is our duty to look for those triggers when transitioning from work to home and not unloading our emotions on others and ourselves. We must be like a chameleons – it changes colors to protect itself and regulate its mood, sending signals to other creatures to stay away. Set an agreement with yourself on how much time and energy you will put into this emotion and then reset, regroup and recharge

Jutta Jerlich: In an age where everything is so digital we need more connections than ever. Connecting with others is good for your well-being and when we create the space and time for our creative power to flourish, we find the meaning, significance and purpose of our lives. Creativity is our true nature and cocreating is what we are here to do on this planet. We can choose everyday who we want to have around us and who we want to connect with. Allowing ourselves to do this is being in our truest essence.

Tonya Hunt: Joy is something that is already there, we just need to grab a hold of it. Challenges are a part of life and they are what grows and shapes us into who we are today. We have peaks but we also have valleys. It is about living in the moment, today and not yesterday or tomorrow. Altering your thought patterns will impact your outlook on life and it is up to you to see the joy that is in front of you everyday. Love yourselves and love those around you, take time to speak to that person in the elevator because you might just have more in common than you think

Thank you to our incredible host, Norma Frahn, for organizing this month’s conference.

We had quite a few interesting questions from our audience we answered in a panel of all speakers.

We hope to see you in our next session!

Check out the recording and see for yourself!

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