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By ourselves

By ourselves

Today is my birthday It is one of those days where it is very clear that we literll y do not exist without others around us. In the session held on 16 Nov 2021 at min 15:43 I talk about just that. It may sound strange to you because there are so many things we do alone these days. We are raised to be able to function as an individual. At the same time we are not able to live without other people.

After spending decades of doubts and uncountable hours of research and reading to find out more about this concept of individuals, here is my conclusion. The drive to make humans to believe that they are foremost individuals comes from the need of people in power to separate and isolate humans because individuals are much easier to control than a well-connected community of people taking care of each other. Here is what I said in the LIVE session, with the overal topic of Spinning straw into Gold.

“We are not here on Earth to be with ourselves, we’re here to be with others. The more we understand about ourselves, who we are, the more we also understand that we are here only in connection with others. It’s changing perspective, big time!”

I use this perspective and I teach people to become comfortable with this perspective because all of the work we do nowadays can not be done alone. We need to work in teams and we need to complement each other if we want to find solutions for the challenges of our time.

Control is out.

Community is needed.


Use wood and sit around the fire again – it will be very clear to you that we are here to be with others.

This is what I will do for my birthday.

Sit around the fire with people I care for.


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